Learning versus using
2011.11.16 Wednesday 09:22
Vocabulary is essential to improve our speaking and understanding, to enable us to understand both spoken and written text and to speak better. Vocabulary is also essential to write better. Everyone agrees that learning vocabulary is important and serious students spend significant time learning vocabulary. Practice is also necessary to remember the vocabulary and understand how it is used in context. Lastly, after learning and practicing comes use. To improve your vocabulary, remember all three: learn, practice and use. Look at this blog and see if you can find a place to improve the vocabulary use.
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2011.11.08 Tuesday 08:00
Protest is a part of the American way of life. Occupy Wall Street is part of that protest. Sometimes protest leads somewhere. Often protest lead nowhere. Those who protest have less power and rarely move forward unless they have enough support to change the way things are. Obtaining such support is difficult. Will Occupy Wall Street obtain such support? Only time will tell...
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How goes Libya?
2011.10.26 Wednesday 06:46
Gadhafi is gone. Sharia law may have arrived in Libya. Elections have been scheduled. Will Libya make the transition to democracy? Sharia law does not sound democratic...

The oil wealth of Libya is not a positive sign when we think of whether peace or war will follow in the future. Nor are the many groups that make of Libya. We can only watch, wait and hope.
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Occupy Wall St. movement
2011.10.11 Tuesday 07:31
The Occupy Wall St. movement is now in the 5th week. A sign was posted in the windows of the Chicago Board of Trade last week: "We Are The 1%." Quotes included the usual statements from the rich about how people could work hard and become rich themselves. Some people will become rich, but they are the exception. Americans live in a country where most of the people without will continue to be without. We hope this will change, but are not optimistic.
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Knox cleared of murder
2011.10.04 Tuesday 07:49
Amanda Knox has been cleared of murder and appears to be on her way home. Four years of hell for Knox have ended. The DNA evidence linking her to the crime was discredited. We will never know if she was truly innocent or guilty, but we never know about many things. Still, we lean toward innocent.

Now Knox can home and pick up the pieces of her life. How do the British feel about this? The British press portrayed her as much more evil than the American press.

And life goes on...
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